Astoria 9-1-1 has been making arrangements to switch to a new software platform to push out our information to the public. Astoria 9-1-1 as well as the Astoria Police Department have shared the current platform to distribute weather, traffic, daily police logs and other important information.

There was nothing commercially available that had all the same features and functionality as our current site but we believe after months of trial and error that we have a suitable replacement.

The biggest difference public consumers may notice is the header may start with Astoria Response News. Please be assured this is still us (9-1-1).

We will continue to evaluate what is commercially available to us that may allow better service to the end user.

Some people may need to click on the link at the bottom of our messages that allows a Subscriber to Manage Notification Settings. This will let you tailor not only what, but how you wish to receive information.

We would simply ask for patience and understanding while we make this transition, which is planned for 5:00 PM today.

If any of our current Subscribers have particular issues they need help with please email:

We will get back in touch with you, though it may take us a few days

We have been using the same technology to deliver these important messages since 2003, and were one of the first to embrace this push-pull method of interacting with the public. Obviously having used this platform for so long we know it well and look forward to continuing our same service standards though it may take us a little time to become as proficient with the new solution.