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Missing person investigation update 03/15/2019

On Thursday, March 14th, 2019 Clatsop County Search and Rescue conducted ground and water searches for missing person Maya Sanders but were unable to yield any additional discoveries.

The Clatsop County Search and Rescue Team has suspended the active ground search at this time, but does have plans to return to the area in the near future to conduct shore line searches.

The Clatsop County Marine Patrol will continue to operate in the area over the next couple of weeks.

Investigators will continue active follow up on any tips or leads that come in.  Anyone who has information is asked to contact the Astoria Police Department at 503-325-4411.

Missing Person Investigation Update

Astoria Police Department, the Clatsop County Search and Rescue Team and law enforcement partners are continuing their search for missing person Maya Sanders.

Several tips were received yesterday related to missing person, Maya Sanders.   One of those tips confirmed that she was seen on the North Tongue Point industrial area around 3:00 PM on Tuesday March 12, 2019. Investigators reviewed video from several cameras in the area. The footage indicated that Sanders was alone in the area. Footage revealed that she entered onto a pier walking north out of the camera frame. She is not seen returning to shore on the video after she entered the pier. A search and rescue dog was also deployed in the area and ended up tracking to the same location Sanders was last seen on video. The dog continued to the end of the pier and stopped. “Based on this information there is a strong probability that she went into the water”, said Deputy Police Chief Eric Halverson. Clatsop County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue was assisted in the area by a professional drone pilot whose equipment has heat seeking capabilities. The aerial survey revealed no clues for the Search and Rescue team to act upon. Clatsop County Search and Rescue’s dive team was requested to dive the area, commencing dive operations late yesterday afternoon and concluding around 7:00 PM without locating her. The Clatsop County Search and Rescue Team will be out this morning conducting further search efforts. The Clatsop County Dive Team will have equipment in the area conducting sonar searches. “We want to be open to all possibilities and ensure we’ve done all we can to locate Maya. Please keep Maya’s family and friends in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time.”, Halverson said. Until she is located she will continue to be listed in a national database as a missing person.