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The Dispatchers at Astoria 9-1-1 rarely had a moment not answering phones this weekend, said Manager Jeff Rusiecki. Looking at the call statistics for the weekend every Agency we dispatch for was busy! Dispatchers answered nearly two-hundred 9-1-1 calls in addition to nearly five-hundred non-emergency. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern other than a lot of people in the County requiring assistance of one type or another. By far the heaviest demand was on Friday and Saturday. Friday saw a spike in non-emergency calls and a higher than normal 9-1-1 count, while Saturday just the opposite occurred.

The inbound call load doesn’t  paint the entire picture as Dispatchers often have to place outbound calls for logistical support of First Responders. In addition to the seven-hundred in-bound calls they made just under three-hundred out-bound.

I could not be prouder of the job they did this weekend, and this is a true testament to the dedication and professionalism they each bring day in and day out.

Astoria Police seek information regarding fire at Astoria Warehousing Pier

On 08/26/2017 at 03:56 hrs. Astoria Police and Fire Department were dispatched to Astoria Warehousing for a report of a large fire located in pallets stored on the pier behind a locked gate. Due to the size of the fire, mutual aid was requested from Warrenton Fire Department.  The US Coast Guard also responded from Station Cape Disappointment due to piles of burning pallets falling into the river.

At this time the exact cause of the fire is unknown but the circumstances and location in the pallet stacks where the fire started are suspicious. Anyone who may have witnessed people in the area early this morning, or who have information regarding the fire are asked to contact Astoria Police Detective Ken Hansen at 503-325-4411, or by email at

Police are still trying to identify victims in car beak-ins

Officer Gerig is still trying to locate victims from the car prowls a few days ago. He still has cell phones, a GPS, two large flat screen TVs, and sunglasses along with several other minor items that he is looking for the owners of. The area the suspect appeared to have started in is the area of Peter Pan Market (7th and Niagara), working his way down through Coast Guard housing and then around Alameda where he was finally caught near the 200 block of Alameda. The TVs were not taken during the car breaks in but were recovered during the investigation and could have come from anywhere. Many of the victims, so far, did not realize their vehicles had been entered until contacted by Officers with their property. Please check your vehicles if you live in the neighborhoods around these areas and contact Officer Gerig if you suspect your vehicle may have been entered.

You can reach Officer Gerig at 503-325-4411 or

Police seek to identify victims in car break-ins

On 08/13/2017 Officer Cory Gerig and Sergeant Chris McNeary arrested 27 Year old Karac Anderson of Astoria, in the 300 Block of Alameda Ave,  for charges including Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle, Criminal Trespass II and Theft I.  Investigation showed that Anderson was in possession of items from at minimum, 9 different unlocked vehicles.  Though Officers were able to identify some victims and return their property there is still a number of items believed to have been stolen which they have not been able to identify owners for.

The Astoria Police Department would like to remind its citizens and visitors to remember to lock their vehicles whenever left unattended.

If your vehicle was entered over the weekend of August 12th -13th, in the city of Astoria, please contact Officer Cory Gerig at 503-325-4411 or

Astoria Regatta Grand Land Parade / Expect traffic disruptions

The Astoria Police Department is issuing a reminder that the Astoria Regatta Association Grand Land Parade begins at 12:00 P.M. on Saturday August 12th 2017.  Traffic will be disrupted through the downtown core beginning at about 8:00 A.M.

At 8:30 A.M. Exchange Street will be closed between 23rd and 16th.  The Hospital, its urgent care and the Park Medical Building will be accessible from Marine Drive at 20th, 21st, and 23rd.

Exchange and Duane between 17th and 9th will have no on street parking on Saturday until the parade ends.  The no parking areas will be signed and any vehicle parked at those locations will be removed by a tow truck.  The owner will be responsible for the tow fees.

At about 10:30 a.m. all streets that travel north or south (the number streets) will be closed between Commercial Street and Franklin Street between 17th and 8th. These traffic disruptions will last until the parade had ended and the street has been swept.

8th street will remain open during the entire event. 16th street will remain open until 11:30 A.M.

Highway 30 will remain open but may experience delays due to pedestrian traffic and floats moving to the disband area. Traffic needing to get to or from the South slope of Astoria should use unaffected, alternate routes.

Deputy Chief Eric Halverson said, “We appreciate the community’s patience in dealing with the traffic disruptions that occur during the parade each year. Our goal is to limit the disruptions for the motoring public, while providing a safe route for people to view the procession.”