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Road Closure – Downtown Astoria

August 26th, 2022 at 0700hrs

Astoria Public Works is currently working on an emergency water main issue in downtown Astoria that is causing road closures until further notice.

The following roads will be closed:

  • Duane between 10th & 11th
  • 10th between Exchange & Duane

US Bank, Astoria City Hall, Astoria Public Library and The Merwyn may need to be accessed by foot due to the road closures.

Please use caution in the area as crews will be using heavy equipment.

Traffic Signals Not Working?

Traffic signals provide clear indication to drivers when it is safe to stop, go or slow down. In rare cases, a traffic signal may become inoperable, or the device may flash certain colors. If you approach an intersection and see the traffic signal is not functioning normally, follow these rules:

Flashing Red: If the traffic signal is flashing red, treat it as a stop sign and come to a complete stop at the intersection. Look carefully in all directions before proceeding. Other directions may have a different type of signal indication.

Flashing Yellow: If the traffic signal is flashing yellow, proceed cautiously through the intersection. You should also slow down and observe cross streets to determine if it is safe to proceed.

Inoperable (No Lights): If the traffic signal is completely inoperable, treat it as a 4-Way STOP. Remember that other drivers may not know how to react when a traffic signal is inoperable. Always stay alert and proceed cautiously through an intersection. No matter the condition of a traffic signal, you should always observe cross streets and other drivers to make sure you can proceed safely.

If the signal is on the state highway, you can call ODOT at1 (888) 275-6368. Otherwise call the Police Non-Emergency Line at (503) 325-4411.

Bridge Closure

The Megler Bridge is currently closed for a three vehicle crash.  No ETA for opening at this time, please expect delays or find an alternate route.  For further updates please call 511 or go to

Special Weather Statement

Special Weather Statement
National Weather Service Portland OR
1006 PM PDT Wed Apr 13 2022

North Oregon Coast-Central Oregon Coast-
Coast Range of Northwest Oregon-
Central Coast Range of Western Oregon-Lower Columbia-
Greater Portland Metro Area-Central Willamette Valley-
Northern Oregon Cascade Foothills-Northern Oregon Cascades-
Upper Hood River Valley-Western Columbia River Gorge-
Central Columbia River Gorge-South Washington Cascades-
Willapa Hills-South Washington Coast-I-
5 Corridor in Cowlitz County-Greater Vancouver Area-
South Washington Cascade Foothills-
Including the cities of Astoria, Cannon Beach,

1006 PM PDT Wed Apr 13 2022


Black ice will be possible tonight as skies periodically clear.
Motorists should drive under the assumption roads are icy through
the first couple hours after sunrise Thursday morning or until
sunlight reaches the road surfaces.