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School Shooting Threat Unfounded

On 05/19/2017 at about 11:18 hrs. Astoria Police Department was contacted by Astoria High School administration advising they had received a report from other students, of 3 individuals that were dressed in trench coats possibly planning a school shooting.   Officers from Astoria Police Department and Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office responded to Astoria High School.  On arrival, two of the students had been detained by school administration and the third student mentioned was not involved with the other two individuals or this incident.  Astoria Police Department is continuing to work with the Astoria School District to investigate exactly what statements had been made leading to the notification of school officials and law enforcement.  The involved students were not in possession of any weapons and preliminary information indicates that the subjects dressed in this manner to scare people.  As a precautionary measure Astoria High School has been checked and found to be safe.  Due to the quick report to administration by witness students and the quick actions on the part of school officials, there was no disruption to the student body or general operations.   Astoria High School will be following their administrative processes related to this incident, and Astoria Police will be conducting interviews and working with the Clatsop County District Attorney’s Office to determine if any charges are warranted as a result of this incident.


Deputy Chief Eric Halverson