Astoria Police announce the implementation of a Community Resource Officer

The Astoria Police Department is pleased to announce it has recently filled a new position called Community Resource Officer. The Community Resource Officer is a police officer whose responsibilities will be to focus specifically on concerns from both Astoria businesses and residents, related to community livability issues.  Some of those issues have been: abandoned shopping carts, derelict vehicles, camping, abandoned property, trash, public urination, and disorderly conduct.  The City of Astoria moved forward on support for this position based on the success that other cities have had when a specific officer was assigned to work on these complex issues.  The main focus of this position will be to address these concerns with a dedicated officer that will be able to be proactive, ensure continuity, and provide focus to the specific community concerns.

Senior Officer Kenny Hansen has been selected for this role.  The Community Service Officer will be partnering with a Clatsop Behavioral Health, Mobile Crisis Clinician, as part of this response.   Senior Officer Hansen has been with the Astoria Police Department for over 30 years and is a lifelong resident of Astoria.  He has served as the department’s liaison to Astoria’s unsheltered population since 2015.