Astoria Police request information in a series of criminal mischief complaints

The Astoria Police Department is currently investigating an ongoing series of crimes involving a subject or subjects using a BB or Pellet Gun to shoot out windows in different areas of the city. So far the suspect/s have been targeting parked vehicles and in one case a window at a church.

The suspect/s may be on foot or in a vehicle. So far the locations have mainly been in neighborhoods above the downtown area, and have been going on sporadically over the last several weeks.

“While the suspect/s seem to be getting enjoyment from their actions, it places financial burdens and severe inconvenience on the victims of these senseless crimes” said Deputy Chief Eric Halverson.

Anyone with any information that could assist the police with this investigation are asked to call Sgt. Christopher McNeary at 503 325-4411 or email at


Thank you and have a safe holiday season.