Astoria Police request OSP bomb squad for suspicious device located on W. Marine Dr.

On 05/11/2021 at about 9:05 AM an Astoria Police Officer was in the area of the 400 Block of W. Marine Dr. when an unknown person threw a smoking metallic device into the center of one of the eastbound Lanes of travel.  The object was charred, metallic and bulging, “all signs that it needed to be treated with caution” said Deputy Chief Eric Halverson.  After a consultation with the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad they determined the safest course of action would be for them to respond, x-ray and recover the object.  Numerous individuals staying in the residence the object was believed to have come from denied knowledge of what it was or who had thrown it.  At approximately 12:02 PM the bomb squad arrived and removed the object from the roadway.  It was further examined at a safe location.  After it had been opened, model numbers and it’s construction suggested that it was a lithium laptop battery that had undergone a reaction.