Astoria Police Seek information related to fatal traffic crash involving bicyclist

On 11/29/2022 at 5:33 PM Astoria Police Department responded to a report of a bicyclist who had been struck by a vehicle in the area of 11 W. Marine Drive.  The cyclist was deceased upon the officers arrival.  At this time the investigation of the crash is ongoing and is being led by the Astoria Police Department with the assistance of the Clatsop County Major Crimes Team.  The victim has not been identified and the scene investigation is still underway. Currently it is believed that a vehicle traveling East bound in the lane closest to the curb struck the cyclist causing significant head trauma and did not remain at the scene.  Anyone traveling in the area at the time who may have witnessed this crash or who has information related to the crash are requested to contact Astoria Police Detective A.J. Duryea at 503-325-4411 or by email at