The second full week in April is recognized as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. During this week, we take time to recognize and honor those who serve on the “Front lines for the First Responders.” These are the dedicated and talented women and men who serve in 9-1-1 Centers across the Country. Though they are rarely seen, they serve as the gateway for people needing public safety services; Medical, Fire or Law Enforcement.


For the previous 14,235 days, or 341,640 hours, or 20,498,400 minutes, these dedicated professionals have been answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service at Astoria 9-1-1, non-stop; never going out of service. The job has only become more complicated and busier over the years, yet these talented people simply adopt to the ever-changing demands, and roll on. Holidays, weekends, nights, family gatherings all take a back seat to the public service they provide.


It is not a job for everyone; in fact, very few distinguish themselves with the title of Public Safety Telecommunicator, oftentimes referred to as Dispatchers. Industry average tells us only about thirty percent will make it through intensive on-the-job training, as well as nearly a month at the Academy. Oregon was one of the first in the nation to require State level certifications for Dispatchers.


It’s my pleasure to take the week, and recognize them for the often thankless, unseen superb work they accomplish every day. They are told the worst, and always send the best!


Jeff Rusiecki
Emergency Communications Manager
City of Astoria 9-1-1