Police are still trying to identify victims in car beak-ins

Officer Gerig is still trying to locate victims from the car prowls a few days ago. He still has cell phones, a GPS, two large flat screen TVs, and sunglasses along with several other minor items that he is looking for the owners of. The area the suspect appeared to have started in is the area of Peter Pan Market (7th and Niagara), working his way down through Coast Guard housing and then around Alameda where he was finally caught near the 200 block of Alameda. The TVs were not taken during the car breaks in but were recovered during the investigation and could have come from anywhere. Many of the victims, so far, did not realize their vehicles had been entered until contacted by Officers with their property. Please check your vehicles if you live in the neighborhoods around these areas and contact Officer Gerig if you suspect your vehicle may have been entered.

You can reach Officer Gerig at 503-325-4411 or cgerig@astoria.or.us