Scotts Mills Oregon man arrested after driving his truck off of Astoria Pier into the river

On 12/27/2017 at about 8:43 am Astoria Police were contacted about a male subject associated with a Red Ford F150 vehicle, who was possibly trespassing on boats at North Tongue Point. The identity of the man was unknown at the time.

At 10:01 am Officers responded to the area of North Tongue Point because the man had returned. Officers made contact with 27 year old Timofey Erofeeff of Scotts Mills Oregon.  Officers were investigating the previous trespass complaint and learned that Erofeeff was a corrections offender out of Deschutes County Oregon.  Officers made contact with Erofeeff’s parole officer to advise that Erofeeff was being charged with Criminal Trespass II.  Officers were advised to take him into custody for the Parole Violation as well.  When the officers went back up to Erofeeff’s vehicle, Erofeeff drove off and was pursued for a short distance by officers.  Erofeeff then drove the vehicle onto Pier 2 of North Tongue Point.  Officers did not pursue the vehicle onto the pier, but Erofeeff continued driving the vehicle off the end of the pier, into the water.

Erofeeff was able to get out of his vehicle and swim away from officers a couple hundred feet from the pier.  The US Coast Guard was notified and requested to assist.  Erofeeff eventually swam back to the pier but due to the height of the pier above the water and no available way to get down to him, he was provided a life vest and a floatation disc but remained in the water until employees from WCT Marine were able to reach him with a skiff and pull him out of the water.  Fishing Vessel Pacific Wind also came to the area to attempt rescue of Erofeeff.  “I’m thankful the men from WCT Marine and Fishing Vessel Pacific Wind” were there and willing to help.”  Said Deputy Chief Eric Halverson.   “Mr. Erofeeff should be thankful too.”

Erofeeff was transferred to Medix Ambulance who was waiting on shore.  He was treated at Columbia Memorial Hospital for hypothermia and released to an Astoria Police officer who transported him to Clatsop County Jail where he was lodged on charges of Criminal Trespass II, Parole Violation, Attempt to Elude a Police Officer, Reckless Driving and Escape III.  So far the vehicle has not been recovered from the river.  Astoria Police have been in contact with the US Coast Guard regarding the vehicle to determine the next steps.